Vehicle seats as individual projects & for prototypes

KÖNIG offers customized vehicle seats for prototypes and individual projects: perfectly tailored to specific needs and innovative designs to meet the unique requirements and visions of our customers.

Seats for emergency and rescue vehicles

Designed for top performance in critical situations. Our seats ensure comfort and support to provide optimum support for emergency and rescue services.

Motorhome & camper van seats

Comfort redefined when traveling. Our seats are specially designed to maximize comfort and safety on long journeys. Experience exceptional support and long-lasting quality that makes every journey in your motorhome/camper van a pleasure.

Vehicle seats for small batches

KÖNIG vehicle seats for small series: Custom-made products for special requirements. Our seats combine individual design with first-class manufacturing quality, ideal for exclusive vehicle projects and limited editions.

Swivel seats for disabled users

Tailor-made for accessibility and support. Each seat is specially designed to facilitate mobility and meet individual needs.