Light utility vehicles

Designed under FAR25.8 fire safety standards, König light utility vehicle seats are characterized by maximum lightness and simple construction – ideal for fast and efficient operations.

Tracked vehicles

Specially designed to meet the challenges of disruptive contours and confined spaces. These seats offer an optimal solution for the demanding conditions in tracked vehicles by combining comfort and functionality in a compact form.

Special purpose vehicles

Adapted to customer requirements and budget specifications, these seats are built to ensure flexibility and safety in protective special purpose vehicles.

Armored security vehicles

Robust and safe, designed for the demanding conditions of defense operations. These seats offer maximum protection and comfort for use in armored security vehicles, where reliability is crucial.

Wheeled armored vehicles

Our König seats for wheeled armored vehicles are specially designed to combine comfort and functionality with the strict requirements for weight reduction and safety, including mine blast protection. They offer an optimum balance of protection, ergonomics and space efficiency.

Tactical trucks

KÖNIG seats for tactical trucks offer first-class comfort for driver, co-driver and operator. Customizable for GTF and UTF variants, they improve ergonomics and performance under the demanding conditions of military operations.